I am just the messenger. My fascination for the act of whale killing goes back a long way, but my opinion on this activity is neutral, as I recognize the arguments of both proponents and opponents of whale killing. These photographs were taken by coincidence and thanks to Facebook. Formerly, only boat owners were informed about a whale killing and thus always got the biggest part of the whale meat. But today we can all get information about a whale killing on Facebook which was what happened early one morning in July 2010, when I opened Facebook and saw the word Grindadráp, the Faroese word for Whale killing, flashing all over the site.

Instantly, I grabbed my photo gear, got into the car and hurried to the beach. For the first time I noticed the trance state of mind of the whale killers.

Through my lense I realized that the trance was a deep-rooted preparation, a sort of pre-war meditation.

The main theme of the pictures is not the whale killing itself but rather the participants whose expressions tell us about the deep emotions involved in this act.

Nowadays, it is rare to see such strong emotions expressed elsewhere but on the screen, watching a Hollywood production. However, these photographs show Faroese people taking a break from daily life to participate in the age-old tradition of whale killing.